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  1. minelab detectors says:

    Thanks so much for your inquiry and apologies for the trouble! Due to thehigh amount of phone calls that we receive daily, we do our best to fieldthem as they come in. Feel free to call us at 877-767-6522 this week orreach out to us at service(at)minelabamericas(dot)com and we will be happyto respond as quickly as possible! We apologize again for the delay inresponse.

  2. minelab detectors says:

    I was also not so impressed with Minelab Customer Service…I was quoted alabor charge of $75 per hour…Computer repair shops do not charge thatmuch…Who the hell do you folks think you are??? Nice way to loosebusiness! I would have paid about $150 to have the faceplate and foam gripreplaced on my machine, and to have it retuned, but NOT $300 when themachine only cost me $600.

  3. minelab detectors says:

    Apologies for the delat in response! If there are any service issues we canhelp with please let us know or email service @ minelabamericas. com!

  4. minelab detectors says:

    Hah! Great point there you must be a Minelab pro – what machine do you use??

  5. minelab detectors says:

    Aren’t you supposed to hold the coil 12″ off the ground to noise cancel? =)

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