Be The 1st To Learn About The New Minelab SDC 2300 Mid-Range Gold Detector

Minelab is proud to announce our new mid-range gold detector!

SDC 2300 Detector minelab mid range gold metal detector

This exciting new product is a portable, compact, waterproof gold detector featuring Minelab’s improved MPF technology. This will be the best mid-range gold detector. Second only to the Minelab GPX Series in performance, the SDC 2300 will be the best mid-range gold detector available.

Key features and customer benefits include:

· Compact – 16 inch (40.64cm)

· Waterproof – 10ft (3ft)

· Rugged and assembly free

· High performance MPF technology

· Audio and Visual Target Response

· Easy to use

· Intuitive icon user interface

· C –Cell Batteries Included

· Quick and Easy patch hunting

The SDC 2300 gold detector performance is above the X-TERRA 705 and Eureka Gold and below the GPX Series. This detector offers an entry to Minelab’s Pulse Induction (PI) gold technology. It offers greater versatility in rugged terrains and for recovery of underwater gold because of its waterproof capability, ergonomic design and telescopic multi-position shaft.

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0 Responses to Be The 1st To Learn About The New Minelab SDC 2300 Mid-Range Gold Detector

  1. Bob Upton says:

    would like to win a new one–have wanted to go metal detecting for a long time–maybe I will be lucky

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    It came up on your mailing list not available

  3. Chuck Anders says:

    Detect small gold with fair depth I’ll be happy. I’ll let the young guys go for the fox hole gold.

  4. D Deryke says:

    How much do they cost? Thanks

  5. Kate Martin says:

    Mailing list is inoperable! I use both a GoldHog highbanker & Keene161 drywasher. This would be BRILLIANT to complement both of these pieces of equipment. Would REALLY like to give one of these a run!!!!

  6. Fun Brain Teasers says:

    Whould this detector be able to find small things like a ring?

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